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This project is to support all .Net supported encodings for Silverlight & WP7 Application. Now, support DBCS (Double-Byte Character Set) encodings only. This contains GB2312, BIG5, shift_jis, Johab and so on.

This project is fully implemented all Encoding functions therefore you can use this project as easy as .Net Framework built-in encoding. In order to use the project, you must embed an addition binary data files into your assembly. Following features have been implemented:
  • Immediate decode array bytes and encode string or array chars
  • Use StreamReader and StreamWriter to read and write stream simple


WebClient _wc = new WebClient();
_wc.Encoding = DBCSCodePage.DBCSEncoding.GetDBCSEncoding("gb2312");
_wc.DownloadStringCompleted += (ss, ee) => txtResult.Text = ee.Result;
_wc.DownloadStringAsync(new Uri(txtUrl.Text));

This project has been moved to

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